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Social Media Contributed to My Eating Disorder

Summer in Minnesota is time that is well spent. Not one second of daylight is wasted. The boundary waters are explored, cabins are filled with laughter, and lakes are full of activity. But none of those things matter to an eating disorder. The…
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YouTube and National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Partner to Present Year-Long Video Series Focused on Eating Disorders, Resources, and Lived Experiences

Humans are storytellers. Universally, we seek to foster understanding and harmony with one another through sharing our experiences and knowledge. Together, we are made stronger through these stories and discover new ways to communicate across…
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How I Show Up for Myself on Social Media

What does it mean to "Come as You Are?" It means to show up regardless of where you're at in life or how you're doing. It means to be authentic and to share your true self with the world. This is sometimes super scary. Or it's vulnerable. It…
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Combating Negative Social Media Feeds

I firmly believe in the power of sharing our stories — it creates trust, openness, and genuine connection in a community of people who, more often than not, feel isolated and alone. When we see something with which we can relate to in another,…
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A Work-in-Progress: Living My Best #FitLife Post Eating Disorder

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If you ask my friends in NYC to describe me, you’ll be painted a picture of a boss lady taking on the city as a full-time professor, writer, and consultant, in addition to being a fitness influencer. They’ll also tell you I’m a people…
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An Instagram Influencer’s Tips for Boosting Self-Confidence (Without Changing Who You Are!)

“I know I’m beautiful/should feel confident, but I don’t feel beautiful/confident” is the disconnect between logic and emotion many people feel. Sometimes your emotions and body have to catch up with your mind, especially after experiencing…

5 Important Takeaways from Our Marginalized Voices #NEDAwareness Chat

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Last Tuesday, we hosted a #NEDAwareness Twitter chat to hear from marginalized members of the body positive and pro-recovery community. The goal of the chat was to gain insight into how food, exercise, and body image issues impact different…
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18 Inspiring NEDAwareness Messages of Hope and Recovery from Our Community

This past National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (NEDAwareness) was centered on raising awareness and showing that eating disorders can affect anyone, anywhere. Last week, NEDA asked people to speak out about eating disorders and show that…
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Participate in Our NEDAwareness Week Instagram Campaign in 3 Easy Steps!

This week marks National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#NEDAwareness)! This year, NEDA is running an Instagram campaign to inspire people to speak out and share their stories along with the NEDA recovery symbol. By participating in this campaign,…

Happy NEDAwareness Week! Here are 5 Ways YOU Can Create Change Virtually

Happy National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#NEDAwareness), folks! We all know that our culture has complicated relationships with food, exercise, and appearance. This year, our theme is Let's Get Real and our goal is to expand the conversation…