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Recovery Tips to Include in Your School Backpack

It’s August! Excited to return to school? Dreading returning to school? Maybe a little of both? For some, returning to school is exciting while connecting with friends, catching up on events that happened over the summer break, and sharing…
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Navigating College in Recovery

College is an exciting time, but many of the things that make it feel so exciting (independence, social life, lots of class options, etc) can also make it feel stressful and daunting at times. When I started college, I was overwhelmed with the…
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Tips for Managing Eating Disorder Recovery in the Summer

Summer is typically a season where sunny vacations, time with friends and family, and  barbecues, festivals, carnivals, and pool parties seem to be the regular occurrence. For most people, it is a time to celebrate and relax. But for those…
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Reminders for a Strong Summer in Recovery

In my head, summer equals one thing… swimsuits. “Do I need new ones this year? I love all the fun, neon colors! What size am I? Let alone am I the same sized bottoms as I am tops?” and lastly, but most strongly in my head, “Will I…
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Coping With Summer Eating Disorder Triggers

Summer is here, we finally made it! The sun is out, temperatures are high, and many beach days are ahead. For most, this is the best time of the year. However, summertime often brings many challenges and triggers for those in Eating Disorder…
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As the Mother of Two Kids with Eating Disorders, Here’s How I Tackle Summer Triggers

We’re meant to enjoy these supposedly lazy days of summer. Yet, for parents of children with eating disorders, summer is often a time of worry. This is true for me. I have two children, ages 14 and 19, who have been diagnosed with and treated…
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Here Comes the Sun: Three Tips for Managing Summer Triggers and Staying in Recovery

I’ve always loved summer. Maybe it’s because of my Southern roots growing up under the hot Arkansas sun, but there’s just something about a calming walk on a cloudless July day that fills my heart with joy and excitement. For as much…