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Going Back to School for Athletes

Pressure  Going back to school can be very difficult for student-athletes surrounded by the heightened pressure. We feel as if there is some hierarchical standard attached to our identity along with our physical appearance. We are constantly…
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Transitioning to College with an Eating Disorder: Are You Ready?

It is that familiar time of year when many of my young adult patients are returning from their summer eating disorder treatment. They find that in working with their discharge planner, they are now faced with the choice to either go back to…
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Recovery Tips to Include in Your School Backpack

It’s August! Excited to return to school? Dreading returning to school? Maybe a little of both? For some, returning to school is exciting while connecting with friends, catching up on events that happened over the summer break, and sharing…
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Campus Warriors: A Faculty Advisor’s Perspective

As a faculty member at Rogers State University, I always look forward to the fall semester. It’s fun to meet new students and see returning students who are refreshed and ready to continue their educational journey. During the first week…
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Navigating College in Recovery

College is an exciting time, but many of the things that make it feel so exciting (independence, social life, lots of class options, etc) can also make it feel stressful and daunting at times. When I started college, I was overwhelmed with the…
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As a Mother of Two Kids with Eating Disorders, Here’s How I Ease the Transition Back to School for Them

After summer, fall is perhaps the second-most challenging time of year for children with eating disorders. Going back to school brings a host of uncertainties and challenges that can be dysregulating for children, teens and even college-age…
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College student finds healing, silver linings during eating disorder journey

In March of 2020, when the pandemic caused the closure of businesses, schools and activities, my daughter Maureen was a junior in high school. School became virtual and the dance classes she loved disappeared. But instead of curling up in…
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Aerie x NEDA Campus Warriors: Making Change on College Campuses

The Aerie Real Foundation™ works to build confidence in women, foster an inclusive community, and protect our planet to make the world a better place for all. We’re awarding our first $100,000 Aerie Real Change Signature Grant to NEDA…

Losing Sight of Myself: Overcoming Bullying and Eating Disorders

What was it like to be me growing up?  Eye-opening.  It all started around age fourteen, when I began feeling self-conscious about my body. I was always the tall, lanky kid that was horrible at sports but a great talker and an…
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How Writing Saved My Life

Talking openly about my feelings has never come easily to me. Even when I was younger, I would rather deliver a vague response of “okay” or “I’m fine” than engage in a lengthy discussion with someone else. And that was never really…