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As a Mother of Two Kids with Eating Disorders, Here’s How I Ease the Transition Back to School for Them

After summer, fall is perhaps the second-most challenging time of year for children with eating disorders. Going back to school brings a host of uncertainties and challenges that can be dysregulating for children, teens and even college-age…
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As the Mother of Two Kids with Eating Disorders, Here’s How I Tackle Summer Triggers

We’re meant to enjoy these supposedly lazy days of summer. Yet, for parents of children with eating disorders, summer is often a time of worry. This is true for me. I have two children, ages 14 and 19, who have been diagnosed with and treated…
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You Have to See the Eating Disorder Beast to Slay the Beast

This blog post is sponsored by Equip.Note from JD: This is my experience as the mother of someone with restrictive anorexia who is in solid, long-lasting recovery after an early diagnosis; we had access to excellent treatment. I use the term…
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I Never Let Her Give Up, and I Never Left Her Side

I never thought I would ever experience the feeling of crawling to the bottom of a dark ocean floor with my daughter.   The feeling of the cold dark water as I held on to her for dear life, as I kept crawling forward, my hands gripping…
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More Than Just His Journey

Thank you to Aloria Health for sponsoring this blog post.Being the parent of a child with a mental health diagnosis can be exhausting. Deciding to send your child away from their norm is not only a hard choice but sometimes the choice between…
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Why Your Teen Probably Won’t Want to Do FBT, and Why You Should Feel Free to Do It Anyway

Editor’s note: Family Based Treatment (FBT) is one of many effective, evidence-based treatments for eating disorders. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it should be tailored to the individual and will vary according…
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Thank You For Everything, Mom.

I feel extremely lucky to have a mother that is also my best friend. She has and always will be a source of comfort for me. When I was in elementary school and would come home from ballet class in tears because the teacher made me feel badly…