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Going Back to School for Athletes

Pressure  Going back to school can be very difficult for student-athletes surrounded by the heightened pressure. We feel as if there is some hierarchical standard attached to our identity along with our physical appearance. We are constantly…
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A Work-in-Progress: Living My Best #FitLife Post Eating Disorder

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If you ask my friends in NYC to describe me, you’ll be painted a picture of a boss lady taking on the city as a full-time professor, writer, and consultant, in addition to being a fitness influencer. They’ll also tell you I’m a people…

Eating Disorder Traits as Strengths in Recovery

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The focus in the eating disorders field is usually on diagnoses, symptoms, and related impairment. There has been little research, or even discussion, about negative traits that were present during the illness, which can be positive during and…
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Determined to Succeed at Any Cost: Eating Disorders in Division 1 Sports

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! … It’s 5:30am and the alarm is going off. It’s Tuesday morning. My stomach does a flip when I realize what day it is. However, I’m not anxious about the dreaded morning weight circuit, like most of my teammates are,…
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Dear KJ: How Can I Get My Trainer at the Gym to Stop Making Body-Shaming Comments?

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"Dear KJ" is a monthly advice column by Dr. Kjerstin "KJ" Gruys, sociologist, author, and body image activist. She holds a Ph.D. in sociology with a focus on the politics of appearance and is the author of Mirror Mirror Off the Wall: How I Learned…
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Supporting Athletes in Eating Disorder Recovery Through Change

To an athlete, an injury or illness, change in coach, or retirement from sport may feel like a traumatic event. These are three factors in which the athlete has the potential to go off the grid from their usual support systems: teammates, coaches,…
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Seattle Mariners Catcher Mike Marjama Has a Message for Men Struggling with Eating Disorders

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Mike Marjama currently has a successful career as an American baseball catcher for the Seattle Mariners, but he once struggled with an eating disorder that threatened his ability to play the sport he loves. As a teen, Marjama attended Granite…
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Actress & Dancer Mollee Gray Opens Up About Her Body Image Struggles

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Mollee Gray is an actress and dancer most recognized as Giggles in Disney films Teen Beach and Teen Beach 2 and as a finalist on season 6 of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance. She currently tours nationwide teaching master classes and dance…

I Am an Active Woman—At Any Weight

HGTV hummed in the background and a stack of gossip magazines were lazily stacked on the table next to me. My hands rested on my lap, tightly woven together. Thumbs anxiously pressed against each other, I hummed to myself. A combination of Beyoncé…
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To the Coach Who Never Gave Up On Me: Thank You

The day I began treatment for my eating disorder was the August before the start of my sophomore year of high school. It was also the day my season of cross country track was scheduled to start. After my pediatrician was unable to sign off on…