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Nuestra Niñez

This blog contains mentions of food to help illustrate specific experiences of the author. Some individuals experiencing eating disorders may have a hard time reading this. Please check in with yourself before reading this and if you need support,…
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NEDA: A Beacon of Support in My Recovery Journey

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Struggling with an eating disorder is a frightening experience, especially when faced with limited resources and societal stigma. I encountered this struggle firsthand at the age of 15, 27 years ago, when eating disorders were still shrouded…
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The Support I Didn’t Know I Needed

Housing the body with an eating disorder is a lonely and hollow place to be. It can be debilitating. I know because I suffered from an undiagnosed binge eating disorder for many years. And when I realized that I must have an eating disorder…
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No More Margins: Centering the Stories of Black Women with Eating Disorders

Black girls don't have eating disorders. That lie reverberated throughout my adolescence and young adulthood. There were no words for one's struggle with purging. Or to name and discuss the excessive nighttime eating that comforted after…
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How My Culture Influenced My Recovery

I’m a first generation Indian American and was born and raised in Houston, TX. And as a Catholic, I attended a Catholic school that was predominantly white and close-knit.As young kids, I never remember thinking of each other in terms of race…
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Holidays in a Latino Culture: Greetings from a “Gordito”

Everyone seems to enjoy the holidays because they get to see their family and friends at a special time of the year. As college students, we love the holidays because we get to go back home, see our families, and enjoy free rent, free cable,…

Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat

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Stephanie Covington Armstrong doesn’t fit the stereotype of someone with an eating disorder. And that’s exactly why she wrote her book, Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat: A Story of Bulimia. Armstrong is sharing her story in an effort…

National Minority Mental Health Month 2018

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National Minority Mental Health Month may be winding down, but the conversation about mental health in marginalized communities doesn’t — and shouldn’t — stop. National Minority Mental Health Month may be winding down, but the conversation…

Perspectives on Diversity and Being Marginalized from Both Sides of the Couch

The acknowledgement of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background and cross-cultural differences is necessary and vital to building the therapeutic relationship. All of these things contribute towards one’s identity and,…
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What’s Left Unspoken: Sri Lankan Culture and Eating Disorders

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Something monumental happened on April 5th, 2017: for the first time in my life, I spoke openly with my mom about my eating disorder. I had returned home after advocating on Capitol Hill for eating disorder parity and called my mom to recap…