Happy NEDAwareness Week! Here are 5 Ways YOU Can Create Change Virtually


Happy National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (#NEDAwareness), folks! We all know that our culture has complicated relationships with food, exercise, and appearance. This year, our theme is Let’s Get Real and our goal is to expand the conversation and highlight stories we don’t often hear.

During NEDAwareness Week, anyone can join the conversation and help us raise awareness, bust myths, get people screened, and start journeys to healing. Here are five ways you can do that online:

1. Take and share our special NEDAwareness quiz. 

Our quiz is designed to open up the conversation about eating disorders and encourage people to share their unique perspectives about food and body image issues. Take the quiz to find out what other people are saying and spread the word!

2. Get screened — and pass it on!

Our short eating disorders screening — appropriate for ages 13 and up — can help determine if it’s time to seek professional help. Take and share NEDA’s screening tool — you never know who might need it!

3. Participate in NEDA’s Instagram campaign!

It’s simple — create the NEDA recovery symbol and share why you’re choosing to get real and speak out about eating disorders. Remember to use #NEDAwareness in every post and tag someone who inspires you. Learn more here

4. Join our educational and stigma-busting Twitter chats.

This #NEDAwareness Week, we invite you to join the conversation on Twitter! NEDA’s Marginalized Voices chat on February 27 from 3-4pm ET will center the perspectives of communities that have been traditionally marginalized in the eating disorders field. NEDA’s Body Image chat on March 1 from 2-3pm ET will bust myths and share resources about issues related to body image, food, and exercise. Follow @nedastaff and #NEDAwareness for chat updates and announcements!

5. Share NEDA’s videos and online resources. 

Putting resources and tools into the hands of those who might be struggling is a vital part of NEDAwareness Week. By sharing our educational resources using #NEDAwareness, you’ll help to educate and inspire others! And if your organization or business wants to put resources into the hands of their communities, they can become a NEDAwareness Week partner

P.S. – Want to create change on the ground? Find an event in your area and check out our guide on how to host a screening. Together, we can create a world without eating disorders.


Special thanks to our sponsor, Veritas Collaborative