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Eating Disorder Recovery Tips for Autistic Individuals

Recovering from an eating disorder is hard enough but it can be especially challenging when the general information and approach don’t necessarily fit with your experience.  When navigating eating disorder recovery as an autistic person,…

The Autistic Anorexic: An Unexpected Divergence on Recovery Road

“I must say, Ryan, you present one of the more interesting cases of Autism I’ve ever studied.” “Autism?!” I parroted the passive diagnosis back to my evaluator. Did he just call me autistic? I thought, as I looked towards, though…
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Disability and Body Positivity

In high school, I was the classic overachiever. My identity was (and to a certain extent still is) wrapped up in doing everything and doing it well. I did debate, mock trial, volunteered, danced and loved it. After graduation, I moved away from…
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When Autism is Hiding Behind an Eating Disorder

“But you have always been able to look me in the eye.” This was the first thing my psychologist said when I told her I thought I had Aspergers. The inability to make eye contact with others is a hallmark sign of an Autism Spectrum Condition.…