Contributed by Equip
Reviewed by Amy Baker Dennis, PhD, FAED

Equip is a virtual eating disorder treatment program built by clinical experts in the field and people who’ve been there. By providing a dedicated, 5-person care team, Equip delivers at-home, evidence-based treatment to patients of all ages. Equip also offers a free resource hub for individuals and families affected by eating disorders.

Though there are a variety of approaches to eating disorder treatment, experts agree that involving the support of loved ones can greatly impact a patient’s chance at lasting recovery. Eating disorders thrive in isolation, and so bringing in a patient’s village—whether that’s family, chosen family, friends, colleagues, or others—makes it more difficult for the illness to survive.

For a person with an eating disorder, it’s very easy to isolate yourself from others. A support network can make a huge difference in helping someone get through treatment and know that they don’t have to recover all on their own.” – Reggie Ash, LPCC-S, and Therapy Director at Equip.

Why Support is Essential in Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders consume a person’s brain, requiring them to fight multiple battles every day. Fighting these battles alone isn’t just exhausting, it’s also unsustainable, and makes lasting recovery difficult to achieve and maintain.