From Our Readers: 17 Recovery Goals for 2017


NEDA Staff

We know how tough it can be to create recovery goals that empower and challenge, not overwhelm or disempower. We asked our followers on Facebook and Instagram to share their goals and words of inspiration for 2017. Check our 17 of our favorite responses below! 

1. “To be honest about my recovery with myself and others.”

2. “To work to create a life outside of treatment that is worth living and motivates me toward recovery.”

3. “To be patient with my recovery. To recognize that baby steps forward are still steps in the right direction.

4. “Spending time in the company of people who love and accept me for who I am.”

5. “To truly embrace all parts of myself as a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional human being deserving of love, compassion, and encouragement.”

6. “To show my children that I am stronger than my eating disorder and to stick with a treatment program to give myself true freedom after 21 years of struggling with anorexia.”

7. “I would like to plan my wedding and be HAPPY while doing so, not anxious about what size my dress is or what food is safe to have at the reception.”

8. “Balance work life and personal life. My goal is to spend less time bringing work home so I can concentrate on all aspects of my recovery: physical by exercising, emotional by hanging out with friends and having me time, and spiritual by reading meditation books, meditating, and spending time at church.”

9. “Exercise because I want to, not because I feel like I HAVE to.”

10. “I’m weight restored, but I want to have confidence in myself and my potential.

11. “To make more time for bubble baths, star gazing, snuggling with my pet, and things I enjoy in general.”

12. “To find an identity outside of my eating disorder.

13. “To put more value on my opinion of myself than others’ opinions of me.”

14. “To focus on how I FEEL, not how I look.”

15. “Be more open to going out.”

16. “To help other people realize that they’re not alone in their recovery struggles.”

17. “To love myself for the first time.