7 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Easter Weekend

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Alex Kroudis, Communications Intern

With Easter can come some inevitable holiday stress. Whether it be interacting with difficult family members or remaining calm around the dinner table, managing self-love can be difficult for many. Here are seven ways to reduce stress and sit back and enjoy Easter and the memories that come with it. 

1. Remember how far you have come.

If you start to struggle during Easter dinner, remember how far you have come and how far you can continue to go. Make it a goal this Easter to conquer a fear or slap stress in the face, and allow yourself to nourish your body with those around you. In a time of overwhelmingness, just remember that “this too shall pass.”

2. Change the course of a conversation you may find to be triggering or believe may going in the wrong direction.

It’s easy for family members to blurt something unnecessary out in regards to food, body image, etc., as that’s how society unfortunately is. Instead of letting those comment discourage you, try changing the conversation into a more positive direction.

For example, if you hear someone labeling food as “good” or “bad” or making a negative comment about the amount they or someone else is eating, say something like “instead of worrying about that, let’s focus on being thankful for the food we have and enjoying the company surrounding it!”

3. Look at the table as a place to share laughs.

It’s easy to associate the dinner table a place where you gather for food. Instead, think of it as a place to sit around with everyone and catch up on what you have accomplished lately or your goals for the future. Exchange a laugh with one another as laughter is contagious. 

4. Put the media down and stay focused in the present.

Our lives revolve around our cell phones, even when we are surrounded by others. Take the time to put down the social media and be in the now. There is nothing more real than the present, so take the time to take a breath and engage yourself in the moment. No need to look at the diet and fitness pages that blow up news feeds during holidays.  

5. Remind yourself that all foods are good foods.

It’s not uncommon to consider foods around the holidays as “bad” or “unhealthy,” but remind yourself that there is no such thing as foods to avoid during the holidays.

6. Do something you love.

With such a busy life surrounding the Easter season, take the time to enjoy the warming weather and allow yourself to do something you love that you may not have the time to do everyday. Getting caught up in work can be easy so use an hour or more when you get the chance and be free!

7. Have FUN!

Dye easter eggs, participate in a scavenger hunt, or cook your favorite meal; whatever it may be, enjoy your time this Easter break. 

8. Remember how you self-care.

When it comes to triggers, you know yourself best, and you can have the tools set aside with self-care tips if you encounter any triggers. Have a plan and know that with every bump in the road comes an even bigger victory!

The flowers are blooming and the weather is warming. Allow yourself to bloom as well and have a happy and healthy Easter by celebrating each victory you make and by making memories of the many laughs you share. Focus on what is important, what makes you happy, and make every aspect of your life colorful, not just the eggs!

Alex Kroudis is a junior Psychology major at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. She has a passion for learning about eating disorders, writing, running, and singing. She is involved in a sorority on her campus and writes articles for The Odyssey Online. Alex also loves traveling and is 100% Greek, hoping to move to Europe at some point in her life. Alex was born and raised in New Jersey with her younger brother and two parents, both born in Greece.