YBIC Gathers NEDAwareness Week 2020 Writing

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The Yoga and Body Image Coalition is a 2020 Featured NEDAwareness Week Partner. YBIC’s mission is to work with all of the ways yoga and body image intersect to create greater access and dignity for all. As part of NEDAwareness Week, YBIC invited its community members to “share their stories about how the practice of yoga has played an integral role in their healing and recovery from eating disorders” for its blog. The shares included are from those who have first-hand experience with disordered eating, or from those who are called to share their body acceptance journeys. 

Check out these articles YBIC is highlighting:

Riding the Waves of Body Expectation and Acceptance by Sanaz Yaghmai


Resiliency Reflection by Rachel Otis (CW for mentions of weight loss and behaviors)


How Accessible Treatment Became My Passion by Dr. Celisa Flores (CW for mentions of weight loss and behaviors)


11 Gifts From My Eating Disorder Journey by Jennifer Kreatsoulas


Good vs. Bad by Jordan Page (CW for mention of dieting and behaviors)


Divorcing Ed by Liz Getman (CW for mentions of weight loss and behaviors)


The Revolution of My Wellness: Hindsight is 2020 by Donna Noble


Always Be Recovering by Robyn Baker


NEDA applauds YBIC’s commitment to developing, promotion, and supporting yoga that is accessible, body-positive, and reflects the full range of human diversity. More of YBIC’s NEDAwareness Week resources can be found here.