Virtual Support Group Options

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Christine Novak Micka and Simone Seitz

Organizations from across the country have joined together in partnership to advance the field of eating disorders and build a community of support and hope.  This collaboration has served one fundamental purpose: to provide a unified voice for the individuals and families we support.  Mobilized around our missions to advocate, to educate, and to heal, the NEDA Network is a community of eating disorders organizations connecting national, regional, and local communities with critical resources.   

In this time of great uncertainty and disturbance we face the added danger that isolation brings to those among us who are struggling with an eating disorder.  As a Network, we know that in this moment, our imperative is to unite around ensuring continuity of care and support for those who need it most. To that end, we have identified virtual group support options across the country.  Please refer to this list to explore recovery pathways with virtual support.  Please reach out to your local nonprofit and to NEDA for help and additional updates on their services during this time. 

No matter where we are, we are connected.  We will get through this. The organizations in the NEDA Network continue to work for you and stand with you.

Christine Novak Micka is Chief Development Officer for the National Eating Disorders Association.

Simone Seitz, Executive Director of the Carolina Resource Center for Eating Disorders, serves as Chair of the NEDA Network.