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Connor Lillis, Special Events Associate

It’s the holiday season! In New York, it’s the time of year where bright lights twinkle and greet you as you walk down the street. Crowds of people gather to look at the stunning tree in Rockefeller Center. After walking a few frigid blocks, you dip into a cute coffee shop to grab a hot chocolate. Cradling your own little heater, you head over to Bryant Park to enjoy the offerings the cute shops provide, and maybe a little ice skating, if you aren’t a total klutz like me. The atmosphere, energy, and the bright lights bring the city alive during this time of year. 

For me, the hardest part of the season is shopping. I never know what to get people, and I am notoriously bad at waiting until the last minute to do my shopping—but I want to change that this year. I want to be more conscious about how and where I’m spending money and the brands I support as part of that process. Part of the holiday season is about giving back to causes that are dear to us. So, for those of you that are driven to give back, or need some inspiration for your gift giving, join me in supporting companies that give back. Below are some featured gift ideas and companies that give a portion of their proceeds to NEDA!

1. Natalie Borton

A California-based jewelry designer and lifestyle blogger, Natalie designs hand-crafted, limited-edition pieces of jewelry made for everyday wear. A portion of the proceeds of every piece of jewelry is donated back to NEDA, so you and the friend you buy for can feel fashionable while giving back to a great cause! Not only that, she’s got some great fashion advice and some awesome lifestyle tips! Check out her website here:




2. Karmela Cosmetics

Nechami, the creator of Karmela Cosmetics, combined her love of makeup with her love of color to inspire her line of cosmetics products—and each line gives back to a different nonprofit! If you’re looking to make a bold statement at all the holiday parties this season, 10% of the proceeds from the Karmela Cosmetics “Red” line goes back to NEDA: 








3. Pretty Crazy Co. 

Pretty Crazy Co. is an awareness apparel brand that aims to empower anyone who has ever been called crazy. In our society, “crazy” is often a term used to dismiss women, minority groups and those suffering from mental illness. However, Pretty Crazy Co. aims to take back the word, and that being called “crazy” means you’re on the right track—you are bold, brave, passionate, talented and unapologetically you! They have a few t-shirts where 100% of the net proceeds go back to NEDA. You can check them out here:





4. Stories by Mossy Stone – The Literate Drag Queen

Are you a fanfic fanatic? Maybe you need a good book to curl up with in front of the fire? Add a little glitz and camp to your holiday season with Stories by Mossy Stone – The Literate Drag Queen! Offering stories about some of our favorite queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, her story Saint Clair Street (about drag queen Blair St. Clair) features the story of the Broadway-bound baby. Proceeds from the book will benefit NEDA! Check out Saint Clair Street and other stories by Mossy Stone here: 







5. Buzz for Recovery

Have you heard the buzz about Buzz for Recovery? It’s a jewelry line that brings support and awareness to individuals, friends, and families affected by eating disorders. Every bracelet sold is a reminder of the millions who stuggle with eating disorders every year. You can do your part by shopping! 25% of the proceeds go directly to NEDA. Check out Buzz for Recovery here: 





6. Down to Herbs

A spa day sounds nice, but what about one that gives back to NEDA? Down to Herbs makes organic bath and body products to suit your needs and 10% of the profits go back to NEDA! Check them out here: 




7. CYP Foods

CYP Foods or Change Your Perception is a food company that specializes in nut butter, and we’re pretty nuts about it. Try something new like their “Cake Batter” or “Maple Walnut,” or stick to something classic like “Nothin’ But Almond.” Either way, they’re sure to make great stocking stuffers, and they give back a portion of the proceeds to NEDA! Check them out here:




8. Covery Box

The holidays can be a difficult time, especially for those in treatment, but they don’t have to be. Covery Box is a company that designs gift boxes and products specifically for those in treatment for their eating disorder, and a portion of the proceeds are donated back to NEDA. Check out Covery Box here:



9. Remember, there’s always Amazon Smile!

If you plan to shop big retailers this holiday season, make sure you check out our partnership with Amazon Smile. Same products, same website, but when you check out, make sure you check off that you would like part of your purchase donated to NEDA!





 10. As always, we want to give a shoutout to our partner Aerie for continuing to support NEDA and its services!