National Volunteer Week 2022

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Gabe Gavito, Senior Program Manager

This week, the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is celebrating National Volunteer Week. We are highlighting the importance of volunteerism by celebrating the individuals and families who come together to support NEDA throughout its different programs and services.

Volunteering at NEDA is much more than just helping out. It is a rewarding experience where volunteers learn, connect, and grow. Our volunteers provide invaluable contributions to various NEDA programs and services. Ambassadors, board members, clinical advisors, and much more; volunteers are an integral part of our community.

We are proud to announce a new online platform that will enhance the volunteer experience at NEDA. This volunteer platform is designed for volunteers to get involved with NEDA programs and events that matter most to them while utilizing their unique skills, lived experiences, and talents. This will also allow volunteers to hear about the latest NEDA news and updates about upcoming volunteer opportunities and events. 

This platform also makes volunteerism a social experience. You can share volunteer opportunities and upcoming events with your friends, families, and social channels to encourage more people to get involved. You can also keep track of your donated hours and remarkable achievements and share them with prospective employers and academic programs.

To sign up and start exploring volunteer opportunities, please click here.

Interested in volunteering at NEDA, but not sure where to start? Let’s take a look at three ways you can get involved!

NEDA Walks

NEDA Walks are organized by local volunteers to raise critical funds. We are excited to see walkers return to in-person walks this season! NEDA Walks are fun, inspiring, and a space where friends and families can come together to support one another through their recovery journey. 

To learn more about NEDA Walks and see if there is one in your area, please visit

NEDA Campus Warriors

NEDA’s Campus Warriors program is a new organizational initiative with the goal of spreading our mission and raising awareness about eating disorders on campus. Campus Warriors are individual students, faculty members, and organizations that represent NEDA on their college campuses through participation in awareness campaigns, fundraising events – like NEDA Walks, and more.

Thank you to all of our active and past volunteers for your contributions over the years. Your tremendous support has left a lasting impression that has paved the way for future volunteers to create their legacy. We hope you continue to champion volunteerism and encourage those around you to get involved.

If you have not volunteered at NEDA before, we invite you to join a community of passionate volunteers who share NEDA’s vision. You can support individuals and families affected by eating disorders by offering the gift of your time, talent, and lived experience. We invite you to get involved with NEDA virtually and locally in your area.

To begin your NEDA volunteer experience, click here!

Gabe Gavito is the Senior Program Manager at the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) with a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Mercy College. Gabe was a volunteer on the NEDA forums and Helpline before becoming a staff member in 2013. He has recruited and trained hundreds of NEDA volunteers, many of whom have pursued careers in the field of eating disorders as clinicians, researchers, and advocates.