9 International Women’s Day Messages from the NEDA Community

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NEDA Contributors

It’s 2017 and women continue to live in a world that constantly devalues them and pressures them to meet unrealistic ideals. This International Women’s Day, get inspired by these powerful messages from nine NEDA community members. 

“Be a woman who, by striving to be the best version of yourself, may strive to help and support other women to be the best versions of themselves. Celebrate who you are as a woman so that you may empower others to do the same.”

“Self-love and self-care are necessities. Put yourself first. Stand up for yourself and know you are worth everything that God has in store for you. Know how beautiful you are from your heart and soul to every inch of your whole body and being.”

“Do not let society’s expectations dim your beautiful light. Love yourself, know that you are deserving of love and light. Understand that your voice matters!”

“Live for what you’re passionate about. Lift other women up instead of tearing them down. Don’t silo yourself in this world; collaborate. Remember that everyone deserves love. Most importantly, never let anyone hold you back simply because you are a WOMAN.”

“Be ‘bossy’ — that means you are confident and passionate about something. Bossy women get stuff done.”

“I know it’s hard to love who you are and what you look like, trust me I know. But you are enough, and you always will be. You are loved; don’t listen to society. You are allowed to love, girl or boy or in between. Be happy because you’re beautiful, loved, and cherished.”

“No matter how the world tries to make you feel about yourself, keep focusing on how YOU feel about yourself, without comparing yourself to others.”

“Don’t give up. Even though at times it feels like the world is against us, don’t give up.”

“Yes you can.”