11 Empowering Songs to Add to Your Summer Playlist

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Emma Giordano, Communications Intern

Music is such a fantastic outlet for those of us looking for comfort, meaning, and inspiration. We are so lucky to have so many musicians coming out with tracks that are aimed at body positivity, self-love, and breaking societal standards. Here are 11 songs you may want to add to your summer playlist if you want to know just how good you really are!

Special thanks to Katrin Alyss for song recommendations. 

Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld

This is your feminist anthem for the summer! “Most Girls” is all about self-love, not comparing yourself to others, and empowering and uplifting women. The message really focuses on how we all have different experiences, but we should all fight to be ourselves every day!

Confident – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is back at it again with promoting self-love! “Confident” is the song to make you not feel ashamed for loving yourself as you are. Confidence is such an important quality, and these lyrics will make you want to shout them as loud as you can!

Born This Way – Lady Gaga

If you’ve had any doubts about your self-worth or about where you are in life, “Born This Way” is a must listen. This song is for anyone who has ever felt out of place in life. Regardless of your race, gender, sexuality, body, or age, you are perfect as you are!

Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has been a huge face in the self-love moment for quite a while now. After releasing “Girl on Fire” in 2012, an anthem about finding your inner strength, she also is a leading figure of the #NoMakeup trend to extinguish beauty standards for women online. Her songs are full of putting yourself first and realizing how great you are! 

Who Says – Selena Gomez

“Who Says” is a sweet song that will help you trudge through the harshness of society by loving yourself. This track will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to conquer your goals, because who says you can’t?

Scars To Your Beautiful – Alessia Cara

Self-acceptance. Comfort. Empowerment. Ditching beauty standards. All these words come to mind in one of Alessia Cara’s newest hits, “Scars To Your Beautiful.” If you’ve been needing a little hope to get you to a place of body positivity, this song is a great foundation to build on.

Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

“Unwritten” is a fabulous track that speaks of writing your own story and living your life as you please! Jam out to this song about being yourself and being in control of your own life!

Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld

This young singer is making the music we need in the world today. If you need a song to remind yourself why YOU are amazing and that you can empower yourself, you need to give “Love Myself” a listen.

Shake It Out – Florence and the Machine

Who DOESN’T love Florence and the Machine? “Shake It Out” is one of their most classic hits that tells the story of letting go of the stressors and toxic parts of your life in favor of living the best life you can. You can’t NOT feel happy after listening to this song.

Sky Scraper – Demi Lovato

Demin Lovato is no stranger to self-love after her past struggles. She uses her music as a way to inspire and empower others to stand against the obstacles in their lives. “Sky Scraper” will definitely resonate with those of us overcoming hardship and learning to be happy with ourselves.

Video – India Arie

This song addresses beauty standards and society’s toxic messages to women in such a real way. “Video” is a great song if you’re looking to feel good, no matter what!

Emma Giordano is a 21-year-old New York-based psychology student aiming to become a mental health counselor. She is a YouTuber at youtube.com/emmmabooks who primarily talks about books but also utilizes her platform to encourage discussion about mental health.